Planet Obsolescence

Ever heard of a music style named 'Gump'? Never mind, at the moment there is only one band worldwide that will surely bring some masterpieces to this mysterious genre: Planet Obsolesence, indie newcomer from Potsdam/Germany, who gives the term 'jam' a whole new dimension. Just like 'Gump': Named after the last remnant of the cigarette, just before the filter burns. And that's also how the music sounds - easygoing, smoky, leaned back. Devo, Velvet Underground and Alien Sex Fiend are blazing in the remnants of the embers, somewhere a bit of New Order is still smouldering. Sure, you could call it postpunk or new wave - but with such a deep relaxation those styles have hardly been presented as by these four guys on their way to anywhere.

In 2016, guitarist Leo and keyboard player Pascal met and created the core sound of Planet Obsolesence out of hypnotic surf rock staccatos and creaky synth bass runs. Many jams resulted in the songs for the first EP "The Only Way To Mars" in 2018, which embellished the world with psychedelic spaghetti-western-in-space atmosphere and lyrics about meaningless journeys to Mars. The band didn't have a business plan, but they were up for it: On the underground stages of Potsdam, Berlin and small DIY festivals, Planet Obsolesence gained a fan base with their uncommon garage sound.

This fanbase also includes Lalonova Records, where Planet Obsolesence will release their debut album in spring 2020. It is titled "Recommends To Kill Yourself", which matches the bands name perfectly: Well-hung guitar riffs and highly infectious synthie grooves give slightly hungover high fives, and the contrast between the deep vocals of bassist Nicl and the light-rough voice of Leo adds further shimmering surfaces to the already idiosyncratic sound of Planet Obsolesence. Once again the band set out on a stylistic journey of discovery with many detours and shady spots. Where to go? Unclear, but it will be fun. And in the end there will be more Gump fans than before.